Design & Financing

Al Sypek sits down with Town Manager Kevin Smith, Fire Chief Darren O'Brien, and Finance Director Doug Smith to discuss the new design, the need for renovation, and project financing.

View Part I of the video series to take a tour of the current station and learn why this renovation is so important.

New Station Features

Expanded Training Space & EOC


The renovations will provide a larger training room that will double as an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for disasters or larger, long-term events. This will allow training space for the growing department and well as for the community.

HVAC Systems Upgrades


Renovations will replace the aging mechanical systems in the station with modern energy-efficient systems. These new systems will significantly reduce the per-square-foot operating cost of the station. The current system is a combination of the existing system and modifications to meet the changing needs of the department that have proven to not be effective in keeping the station at a workable temperature in neither cold nor hot times of year.  

Two Additional Apparatus Bays


Expanding the apparatus bay will provide the space to maintain equipment, service vehicles, train, and operate efficiently. The expanded apparatus bays will allow the Fire Department to house all of its emergency vehicles within an environmentally-controlled structure.

Secure Dispatch Facility


Last year the Fire Department brought in over $50,000 in revenue to the Town of Londonderry by providing dispatch service to the Town of Hampstead. Now also dispatching for the Town of Pelham, Londonderry is expected to collect over a half million dollars in the next 5 years for dispatch services. 

This renovation will double the number of dispatch work stations and allow the Londonderry Fire Department to develop into a Regional Dispatch Center. The new dispatch center will provide space to grow and meet today’s standard for communication centers. Some of the improvements will focus around redundancy of power and mechanical services. The center will also include office space for a future supervisor, dedicated bathroom facilities, and a small kitchen/break area in case there is the need to make the Dispatch Department self-sustaining in the event of emergencies.

New Maintenance Area


The proposed renovations will provide the Central Station with a maintenance area. This room will be set up with the proper space and tools to make repairs and conduct routine maintenance for vehicles, small equipment, and radio systems. The room will also be able to accommodate a flammable cabinet which is used to store a variety of flammable products such as antifreeze, oils, and lubricating sprays. 

Decontamination Room


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted a study that determined that fire fighters showed higher rates of certain types of cancer than the general U.S. population. 

Often referred to as "turnout gear", "bunker gear", or personal protective equipment (PPE), once contaminated, if not properly cleaned, those contaminates are easily spread to the apparatus and throughout the fire station. In addition to contaminates from fires, emergency response calls can also result in exposure to infectious diseases.

Renovations will provide a separate decontamination area and dedicated gear storage room. Clean and decontaminated gear is a firefighter health and safety issue and the ability to properly launder, dry, and store that gear is a necessity.

The space will also include storage for training equipment and proper restroom facilities.

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